Podcast E06: You smoke weed more consistently than you do any of your other hobbies

Good morning everyone, I have another great episode for you. This is a slightly older recording, yet still very relevant nowadays. I spoke with a certain individual who realized her marijuana use went out of control and had to stop. With the help of her boyfriend, she managed to quit weed for good, even though she had some relapses on her journey.

Listen and find out how she realized her use went out of control, what did she do differently to quit successfully and what advice would she give to anyone quitting.

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Podcast E05: ADHD and marijuana addiction

Hey folks, it’s Friday, which means it’s time for another episode! This time I had the pleasure of chatting with someone who got diagnosed with ADHD in his thirties and managed to stop smoking marijuana after years of use. We discussed his early years, the beginning of addiction, his false beliefs and his new lifestyle. We also talked about his diagnosis of ADHD, whether it’s a genetic disorder and how to get yourself diagnosed.

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Podcast E04: How to stop smoking weed using Peloton

Welcome back to another episode of the mylastjoint.com podcast. Following is a great recording, done back in the April of 2021, where I get to hear from someone who managed to quit weed by using a Peloton bike, during a quarantine. Full of practical information and personal experience, this is a great episode for anyone quitting marijuana. Plenty of moments our guest mentions will be relatable to any seasoned smoker out there.

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Another day, another interview

Hey, if you are new on here, hello. If you have been here before, welcome back! You might know by now that I love interviews with anyone that had (or has) dealings with weed. Not only that everyone has a unique story, I learn so many new things!

This is one of the older interviews I did over the summer with an anonymous individual from Reddit. Whereas normally I try to get a sound recording going, so you can hear it on the podcast, this one was text only.

This would probably be one of my favourite text interviews, this person was very well articulated and expressed his thinking better than I could at any time.

Please do give an interview a read and let me know what you think in the comments!

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Podcast E03: Panic attacks from weed?

It’s Monday and it’s time for another episode. In the following recording, you will hear me talking with someone from the Philippines who had to quit weed due to panic attacks. He quit cold turkey, however, the process wasn’t straightforward, as we find out. We also discussed how easily available weed is in the Philippines and whether the government is taking the war on drugs to approach too serious. 

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Podcast E02: Weed is not always addictive

In episode 2 of mylastjoint.com podcast, I sat down with someone who made a slightly controversial post in the r/leaves community. His post was removed now, however seeing the nature of the post I had to get him on the podcast and discuss this further.

We had a great discussion about whether weed is addictive and what is his personal experience. He also told me a great tip on how to quit weed, which you will be able to hear toward the end of the episode.

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Quitting marijuana after 25 years – short interview

This is one of the interviews I did back in the summer with an anonymous Redditor. I actually forgot about this, until today, when I went through my folder of previous interviews!

I really like this interview, it’s short and concise. Give it a read and let me know what you think in the comments! P.s. Is anyone else a fan of Hagan Daz strawberry ice cream? 🙂

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