Podcast E47: G Scott Graham

Hello friends, I’m back with another episode. Back in April of 2022 I sat down and recorded a Zoom meeting with G Scott Graham.
Scott’s use of weed was never problematic, however, he wrote an interesting book “Determining marijuana use in the age of legalization” and naturally I had to get him on my podcast.

In this episode, you will hear us discussing whether weed is addictive, what standards and measures Scott is proposing to the cannabis industry and how to determine whether someone’s use of drugs is recreational or coping.

Thanking Scott for making this happen, find out more about him at:

01:00 Scott introduces himself
02:50 Where does your interest in marijuana come from?
05:30 How has the addiction side of marijuana progressed over the years?
10:10 Chasing the feeling
13:30 Determining marijuana use in the age of digitalization
19:10 What is the solution in the book
22:40 Start low and go slow
27:55 Benchmark for addiction
35:20 What’s your take on legalization in States
40:40 Bringing service animals on a plane
43:30 Cart before the horse
44:30 Motivational interviewing book
53:55 How to get in touch with G Scott Graham

See you in the next one

– Anze

Podcast E46: From stoner to a sailor – Charlie Deist

Hello folks, new week, new episode.

Today I have with me Charlie Deist, a writer, sailor and producer from the Berkley area in San Francisco, California. We met back in April over podcastguests.com and hearing his story I had to get him on my podcast.
In the episode, we discussed Charlie’s beginnings with weed, his college years and the onset of marijuana addiction. We also discussed the religious aspect of addiction, what role Marijuana Anonymous play nowadays and Charlie’s current projects and his plans for the future.

Thank you to Charlie for being a great guest, looking forward to seeing your podcast take off.

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Podcast E45: Peter joins our community

Hey everyone, I have a brand new episode for you. This time I get to chat with Peter, a new member of our community – mylastjoint.com. When Peter first joined he immediately messaged me and we hopped on a call. Since then we kept in touch and while his journey is not always straight, he is making lots of progress and enjoying the new lifestyle.

Here he is sharing his life story of growing up in Germany, living in London and Berlin and how a family changed everything for him.

Thank you to Peter for being vulnerable and allowing me to share his story on the video and audio. Really looking forward to you making success as an ADHD coach!

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Podcast E44: Don’t bring your vibrator to rehab – E44

Hey everyone it’s Monday, which means it’s time for another episode of our podcast. My guest today is Pam Gaslow. She describes herself as a writer, artist and traveller on Instagram, but I will call her a boss lady. Pam had her own experience with marijuana back in her 20s and 30s and is now proudly sharing her story in her exclusive book – Don’t bring your vibrator to rehab.

I won’t spoil too much information, watch the episode and let me know what you think.

A huge thank you to Pam for doing this, I hope to catch up with you after the summer.

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Podcast E43: Mike Oulton quits marijuana

Hey everyone, I got a brand new episode for you! In this episode, I had the pleasure to chat with Mike Oulton, a wedding entertainer/DJ, podcast host and ex-fighter. Mike recently quit marijuana and is now busy with his podcast High Phrase. On the podcast, he is entertaining the wider public of Vancouver while navigating sober life in the stoner capital of Canada. We discussed his beginnings with weed, his life after prison, starting an entertaining career and his current project. Tune in and listen, lots of relatable content in this one.

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