About two years ago, towards the end of August 2020, I quit marijuana for good. I don’t actually remember the date but I do know it was the last days of August. Seeing it’s been two years since then, I wanted to do something special. I sat down and asked myself if I had to quit weed again if I had to do it all over again, what would I do? I then wrote a short guide with the pivotal points of my experience that set me on the path to success. The following guide is about 5 years of my experience summed up in 6 pages. I really hope it helps you in some way, if you know anyone else that could benefit from it, please share it. To download my guide click the button below!

Podcast E58: Give my child a voice – Cindy Simpson

Hello, internet, it’s Monday and I have got another episode for you.

I recorded this episode back in April when I sat down with Cindy Simpson to talk to her about her experience in an addiction environment and her workshop; Give my child a voice.

I’m so happy Cindy agreed to do a podcast with me, this truly was an eye-opening episode. One of the biggest questions I always have doing MY LAST JOINT project is why. What gets us to manifest certain behaviour, why do some people end up having problems with marijuana while others can use it normally?

This episode is highly recommended for anyone battling or working in an addiction setting. Whereas this might not necessarily apply to you, it’s definitely knowledge worth having and passing on!

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Podcast E57: When cannabis dependency runs in the family

Good evening everyone, I have a new episode for you. 

I sat down with Colette, an active member of our community to share her story. We spoke about her upbringing in Canada, her abusive mother, her cPTSD diagnosis and her recent decision to quit marijuana.

This is a brilliant episode, with real-life events and raw content that you probably will not hear often.

Thanks to Colette for agreeing to do this, you are awesome!

00:31 Introduction
02:41 When was your first time using marijuana?
06:31 How does cannabis dependency look like from a child’s perspective?
11:16 What made you try weed at 16?
16:01 Was it a slow progression or a daily habit straight away?
17:36 At what point does marijuana start affecting you?
20:11 What’s the next step?
22:31 What’s is cPTSD?
26:31 Did the diagnosis help with your marijuana situation?
29:31 Trauma intergenerational curse
32:31 Sexual abuse
35:31 When did you quit marijuana?
39:31 Trying to stop, smoking as much as you can in a day
41:31 Trying to quit marijuana when someone else in the house smokes
42:50 How does it make you feel when your partner can smoke casually
45:15 How does MY LAST JOINT Community help you
46:15 What 3 things have you learned in your experience so far

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Podcast E56: Smoking marijuana and having a business (James Lake)

Hello, internet,

I have got a great episode for you today, that was recorded back in May of 2022. I got on Zoom with James Lake, who’s been in the business for a while, but has also started a YouTube channel recently.

We discussed his experience with weed, whether weed helps him navigate the business environment and what are his plans for the summer.

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Podcast E55: Mr Tenacity – Chad Osinga

Good evening everyone, I have got a slightly older recording today, recorded back in April 2022.

I spoke with Chad Osinga, a retired Army sniper and combat applications instructor. We spoke about his upbringing, how addiction was running in the family, his Army career and what nudged him to quit weed for good.

Thanks to Chad for making this happen!

We are doing a 7-Day Challenge next week, check our website for more information!

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Podcast E54: Quitting weed is never straightforward – Gabriel Santos

Hey everyone, with a bit of delay here is episode number 54.

I recorded this episode back in May with Gabriel Santos, a YouTuber, self-improvement coach and someone who has years of experience with quitting weed. We talked about his experience and what is he doing nowadays to help others quit.

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Podcast E53: Findings, problems, changes, rebranding

Good evening everyone, it’s Thursday and we are back with another episode.

Every now and then I sit down and try to have a bird’s eye overview of the progress and just the overall project. This is what I did with this episode, I went through all the findings so far, what problems I’m having at the moment and what changes are we implementing.

Watch the video to find out more, thanks for listening.

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Podcast E52: Quitting weed during pandemic, Ahmed Panju

Hey everyone!

In this episode, I spoke with Ahmed Panju, a YouTuber focusing on self-improvement content. We talked about his marijuana abuse, how it all started, why the pandemic was not helping and what is he doing nowadays to help others.

This is a great episode with tons of relatable content for anyone quitting weed. I rarely do an episode where the only thing we talk about is weed & quitting, but this would probably be there at the top.

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Podcast E51: 50 shades of truth – Nikole Thompson

Hello, internet!

It’s Thursday and I have another episode for you. I sat down with Nikole Thompson, an author, speaker, preacher and just an overall amazing woman, advocating sobriety and Christianity.

Nikole shared her story of addiction, what got her to sober up and what is she doing nowadays to help others. We also talked about her book 50 shades of truth, go check it out, it’s a good read!

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