Podcast E81: Reunion with Chris Loper – How to conquer your habits

Hello, good people of planet Earth!

It’s been a while since I caught up with Chris and I thought it would be a good idea to get him back seeing the work he does can benefit massively in quitting any substance.

If you go back to E50 you will be able to hear Chris’ own story of marijuana abuse, how he managed to turn his life around and how he is helping others nowadays improve their habits.

I won’t spoil too much info here, I will say though there is plenty of useful bits in this episode, which you can implement for free, today!

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Podcast E78: Everything I know about quitting marijuana

Hey folks, releasing this one with a slight delay.

Here are the questions that I discussed in this episode:
– What brings you here?
– Where are you now?
– Where do you want to be?
– What do you need to get there?
– What is stopping you?
– How are you going to make this easier?
– Long-term plan?

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Podcast E77: Throw the fear out of the window

Hello everyone!

Recently I passed 10.000 downloads on my podcast and had a one-year anniversary from my first episode. To commemorate this, I decided to do an episode where I reflect back on my journey and MY LAST JOINT Project.

Hopefully, this episode motivates you and gets you to analyze what aspects of your life fear are holding you back.

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Podcast E76: Joel from Sobriety University

Hey everyone

I’m scrapping our usual intro for a few episodes to promote my Black Friday deal. Really there is no deal, but am I increasing my prices (10x) on the 25th of November, so if you are dabbling about whether to join MY LAST JOINT, now would be the time.

In this episode, I sat down with Joel, who’s got his own channel on YouTube. He also has an interesting story of marijuana abuse, which I’m sure lots of you want to hear. From dealing to meeting a dealer in a tinted Maseratti, Joel had his wake-up call a few years ago.

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Podcast E75: False evidence appearing real (FEAR)

Good morning everyone!

I woke up today feeling inspired and decided to mix things up a little bit and do an episode where I explore something we all are struggling with – fear. You might not realize it yet, but a lot of your decisions are conditioned by fear.

Seeing that premise of my podcast is quitting marijuana, I wanted to explore how this affects the quitting aspects and how to overcome that.

The 7 archetypes I mention on the podcast are:
– The procrastinator
– The rule follower
– The people pleaser
– The outcast
– The self-doubter
– The excuse maker
– The pessimist

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Podcast E74: Quitting weed with Mr. X

Good evening everyone

This episode is fresh out of the oven, recorded about an hour ago. I spoke with Mr. X the host of Quitting Weed podcast. We discussed his reasons to start the podcast, his journey of quitting,  what really works and what not to do when quitting.

This is probably one of the better episodes of the whole podcast, definitely a top episode of the 2nd season. Mr. X is a great guest, sharing lots of relatable experiences and useful tips.

I highly recommend that you listen to his podcast, he also has a book on Amazon and a short course. You can get in touch with him over the email listed below or over Twitter.

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Podcast E73: From addiction to coaching (Julian Darkazanli)

Hello everyone

It’s Thursday and I have got a new episode for you!

Julian Darkazanli was on my radar for a while, seeing he is doing some great things over in Canada, but we never managed to sync our times. This week, I finally got him on the podcast and I’m glad I did.

I spoke with Julian about his childhood, his beginning with marijuana in high school, his trip to France, sad news about his brother passing and his affairs nowadays and in the future.

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