Podcast E90: How to start 2023 marijuana free

All right, folks, it’s the last episode of this year!

I know lots of you take New Year’s resolutions very seriously, hence I decided to make a video and help you with that.

Here’s what I talked about:
– introduction
– the mindset, which you already have
– 3 essential tips from the podcast
– 3 things I see lots of people doing wrong
– 3 feedbacks from people I helped this December
– if you are quitting this Jan, then get in touch, I need your help

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Podcast E89: A year in a review

Hey everyone, seeing it’s almost a new year, I had to do an episode reflecting back on all the victories, failures and everything in between.

Personally, this was one of the best years, I got to meet some amazing people from around the world while working on a project that I enjoy doing.

Thank you everyone for being part of this, looking forward to what they new year will bring!

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Podcast E86: Ex-stoner from Netherlands shares his experience

Hey everyone, 

A few weeks ago I did an interview with someone from Holland. We recorded video on them Zoom while using an online recording tool to capture audio. Unfortunately, what we forgot to take into account is that if you mute audio in Zoom, you will end up only with the video of the interviewee.

Seeing the video wasn’t any good for release, we decided to publish only audio.

We spoke about his beginning with marijuana, smoking and the first stages of addiction in high school, bizarre Dutch laws regarding the growing of cannabis and pot shops and his current projects & endeavours.

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Podcast E85: Inner G quits marijuana

Hey everyone, a new episode is here!

22nd of Dec I’m doing a big reunion on my YT channel of everyone that was on as a guest so far. We are kicking off at 8 pm CET all the way until 8 am the next morning. Tune in, it will be fun!

I apologize for the delay to those used to my schedule (Mon/Thu). I now record all my episodes live on YouTube and for some reason, YouTube takes up to 48h to process the video, before I can download it.

If you want to be more involved in future episodes, ask our interviewees your own questions, or just follow the episode when it’s being recorded live, then join my YouTube channel every Mon and Thu at 10 pm Central Time.

In this episode, I spoke with Inner G, a LA resident, a rapper, a YouTuber and overall just a creative soul. We spoke about his abuse of marijuana, his decision to quit, relapse, the music industry and whether marijuana affects productivity, his audio engineering producing and affirmation business and his future endeavours.

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Podcast E84: Life after marijuana (chatting with Joel from Sobriety University)

Hey everyone,

I got together with Joel to talk about life after marijuana.

– We started a little bit off-topic, discussing whether the classic 12-step approach to labelling ourselves as addicts works.
– I shared my YouTube strategy that gained more subscribers in a week, than a whole last month
– We discussed 3 biggest struggles we both experienced after quitting
– We added 3 biggest benefits (this will surprise you)
– I asked Joel to close off with a topic of his liking, which ended up being dating

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