Podcast E100: 100 episodes later

Well, we’ve arrived!

The glorified 100. The one where you want to make a big scene, but then you realize it’s just a number!

So, without further ado, here’s the 100th episode. I had big plans, but with my current situation being a one-man team and my girlfriend heavily pregnant, I have to limit and plan my time accordingly. I will also add that I’ve spent half of my afternoon on the toilet, which is always fun!

But really, this is not about me, it’s about you, the listeners. This podcast would not be possible, nor would I ever continue finding and interviewing people across the world, if you guys wouldn’t be listening and sending me motivational emails.

So here’s to you, for all the support and all the technical failures you had to encounter. For every delay, background noise or mispronounced word. For my sketchy English accent and slightly unorthodox methods. You bore it all, and I thank you for that.

A few weeks ago I have announced big plans with this podcast. My plans are not that huge actually, I really just want to continue with this format and find and deliver more great stories of people getting control of their situation.

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Podcast E99: Law professor reveals his secret

Hello folks!

It’s Thursday evening and I have got a fresh new episode for you. Joaquin, my guest today, is a law professor and lawyer, but he also has a story of marijuana abuse.

Growing up he was battling with anxiety and depression. Being let down by various therapies, he turned to medical marijuana in his 30s. After 3 months he realized this is no longer helping, yet he continued smoking. 

He is now adamant he wants to quit, and he also admits he expressively hates marijuana and advises younger and older generations to stay away from it.

Wishing Joaquin a quick recovery, I will check in with him again in a few months.

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Podcast E98: 3 years and 1 month since I’ve smoked weed

Hey everyone

I have got Lucas here with me today, sharing his story of marijuana abuse since a young age. Lucas grew up in a problematic family, his dad left him when he was 18, and later his mom threw him out. In an attempt to get his life together, Lucas tried to go to the UK but experienced a severe panic attack there.

Coming back to Spain he knew he has to take control of the situation. Watching Tony Robbins, he saw a video where Tony shows a guest on his live show how to change the association with pizza. This helped Lucas better understand his own addiction and do the work. 

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Podcast E96: Lucy shares her story

Hello everyone

Today I had the pleasure of talking with Lucy, who shares her story of 9-year weed abuse. Growing up with parents who smoked, and being normalized with weed from a young age, Lucy was quick to pick up the habit.

Growing up, and coming into her 20s, she slowly realized weed is perhaps not something she wants to continue. Experiencing psychosis and experimenting with other drugs, Lucy got her wake-up call to get clean and find a strong support system around her.

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Podcast E95: It’s get your shit together weekend

LINK: https://bit.ly/mylastjoint

– An intensive 4-week program to help you quit marijuana

– 97$ for a month
– 30 days money back guarantee

– A daily check-in
– Individual, group and peer support
– 4 x individual 1-1 sessions
– 4 x group live streams

– You get control of marijuana, no more feeling powerless
– You dictate your day, no more worrying about when or how to get high
– You get back your money, time, energy, memory
– You learn coping skills to help you function without marijuana
– You meet new people
– You are having fun quitting, not doing it by yourself

– Sign up using the link below. Only 10 spots are available!

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Podcast E94: Your daily dose of quitting weed experience

Hey, it’s been 9 days since the New Year so I decided to do a little check-in stream.

– first I shared my tips for quitting (the first three are actually summed up by previous podcast guests)
– then I added mistakes I see lots of my paying clients do (this will surprise you)
– I played two recordings (the first one is a little bit longer, skip forward if it gets tiring) of Marijuana Free Program 2023
– I played feedback from a coaching client who worked with me the last few weeks
– I shared our new Facebook group (Quit Weed And Succeed)

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Podcast E93: A guide to quitting marijuana and hashish

Hey everyone

So I’ve been fairly busy lately and have not had time to organize and get some guests on my podcast. But seeing this podcast is all about quitting weed, I wanted to do something else this time and review a guide I have had in my PDF folder for a while.

Originally written by Thomas Lundqvist from Lund University Hospital, this guide is well on point, with lots of aspects  I rarely mention on the podcast.

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Podcast E92: I was smoking to avoid losing, not to win.

The first episode in the new year. I did a YT stream yesterday, but the quality was horrible seeing I was recording live from my car, hence I recorded a new episode today.

1) Give me your feedback, I’m really interested in what sort of content you want going forward.

2) Our FB Group: Quit Weed and Succeed – Marijuana Addiction Recovery and Support Group

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