Episode 108: The struggles of daily life

Hello folks!

So we had Ricki Friedman scheduled for today, but her car broke down and apparently she was given the wrong timing, meaning I was left without a guest last minute.

Well if you are following me for a while, you know I’m always up for a challenge, so I had to improvise a little. I asked Giselle from our Quit Weed and Succeed group to join me briefly and share her story. I also discussed a few other things happening right now:
– My 6-week group coaching program is going up from $97 to $497. If you want to get control of marijuana, join this week before the price goes up
– I’m going to change the approach with my podcast in the future, sharing stories of my clients (rather than scouting Reddit and YouTube and asking strangers for stories)
– Our Quit Weed and Succeed group is growing rapidly, join us on Facebook, it’s free!

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As always, thanks for listening, and thank you to Giselle for being a legend and coming in last minute.

I will see you in the next one!

Episode 107: 5 mistakes you might be doing when quitting weed

Hey everyone

It was busy today, sorting our house, so I didn’t really make any plans for the episode, but I did end up recording a quick episode

Seeing it was a long day, I was tired, so when I got home I drank a glass of apple juice, which gave me a slight sugar rush!

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Anyhow, I talked about 5 mistakes the majority of my clients do:
– not going all in
– not involving a close circle
– not knowing your triggers
– not having a plan
– quitting by yourself

As always, this was recorded live on YT so I did read some comments as the episode progressed.

Episode 106: How to conquer marijuana triggers

Good day people!

Last week I made training in our Facebook group – Quit Weed and Succeed and I thought it would be a good idea to share it here on the podcast as well, seeing I don’t have any guests today.

In this episode I talk about identifying triggers, the 4 types of triggers everyone has and the best exercises to discover and conquer them.

This will really help you if you are in the first few weeks of quitting marijuana, knowing your triggers is half the battle!

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Don’t forget about our Facebook group, also I have a webinar on Friday on how to quit weed and succeed!

See you soon!

Episode 105: When your husband gives you an ultimatum

Hi hello

Now, this might be a pre-recorded episode, but the story itself is very relatable. I got in touch with Catherine via Reddit after she made a post about being marijuana free for over 3 years (3 years and 1 month at the time of recording this episode).

What ensued was her tale of smoking marijuana from her mid-20s all the way until her husband gave her an ultimatum to stop. Naturally, I was curious about the background, how did it come to the point of abuse and what is her relationship with marijuana nowadays.

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Catherine’s story is a good reminder that sometimes you need that push from someone who cares and wants the best for you.

Thanking Catherine for coming on the podcast, I hope to talk with her again in the future!

Best, Anze

P.s. did you join our Facebook group yet – Quit Weed and Succeed?

Episode 104: Oliver Brown shares his story

Hey everyone,  I got Oliver – @Up_in_Smoke on the stream today to share his story.

Oliver started smoking at 10 years old with his brother. Being a part of the skating community, weed was a normal thing. By the time he made it to high school, he ramped it up into a daily habit.

Last year, after smoking for almost 16 years he realized he is no longer enjoying it, more importantly, he is throwing money. Going back and forth with it, he decided he is having his last joint and never smoking again.

We also talked a little bit about finding the why, how to share your decision with friends and what is Oliver’s plan for the future.

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Don’t forget to subscribe to Oliver’s channel here:

See you Thursday


Episode 103: Time to pay the fiddler

Good morning folks

It’s a freezing day here in Slovenia, but it’s winter, so let’s not complain too much 🙂

I have got a slightly different episode for you today, a few months ago I had a dutch voice-over actor on as a guest, and he also started his own podcast – Weetox – True stories about people quitting weed.

Unfortunately, he decided he won’t pursue podcasting anymore, so I got in touch with him and he agreed for me to take on the episodes and join them in my podcast.

Today’s episode is called “It’s time to pay the fiddler” and it’s the story of a 50-something man from Hollywood, who decides to quit weed after 30 years.

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Don’t forget, we are doing a live event next week, on the 17th and 18th of Feb, tickets are limited to 10 spots, get in touch over email if you want in, or check out my website.

See you in the next one


Episode 101: Being marijuana free for 15 years

Hey everybody

Before I get into the today’s episode, you need to know what’s happening on Monday, the 6th of Feb. I’m doing a free webinar at 2pm EST on “How to quit weed and succeed”. Here’s what I’m going to cover:
– How to get a clear why (clarity)
– Where to start and what not to do (road map)
– Dealing with withdrawals, emotions and stress (coping tools)
– Getting to the source of desire (goodbye cravings)
– Life after marijuana (becoming unstoppable)

There will be also a special bonus at the end of the webinar, for anyone attending live.

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Back to today’s episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with BassGuyAVL2, a 67′ year old resident of North Carolina, who’s been smoking since the 1970s. Picking up the habit back then it was an all-out activity, being a young kid in high school. Going into the college, he failed first year, hence he decided to straighten himself out and get more responsible.

However the habit stayed, and it wasn’t until his 50s when it became overbearing and it was time to quit. Using MA, he is now 15 years sober and proud of his achievements.

Unfortunately the audio might be slightly jittery sometimes, seeing his internet connection wasn’t stable, but the episode is still very relatable.


Thanking BassGuyAVL2 for doing this, you are legend!

Towards the end I’ve played a video from Mathieu, an upcoming prodigy from Belgium, who I also featured on the E72. He started his YouTube channel and made a seriously uplifting and motivational video “Quit or Die”. You can find him on YouTube under “mvddict” alias, please go and show him some love, his video and editing skills are next level!

Lastly, a shout to Anuj from Feedspot, he featured me again on his list “100 Best Marijuana Podcasts You Should Follow In 2023”. Here’s the link to the list:

Over and out,