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Your last chance to get in, before ...

… I do something crazy. Okay, so hear me out. Things went pretty fast since November 2021. First I decided to start a podcast, where I share stories of success from people quitting marijuana. Then I opened a community, so people can be accountable and share their struggles. In the summer I added coaching, as I had people asking for help in emails. Now, almost a year after starting MY LAST JOINT, I’m hitting a wall.

The whole idea behind MY LAST JOINT was to help people quit marijuna. Smoking my 20s away, not being able to quit made me realize others are struggling as well. However, lately, I’m noticing not everyone wants to change. Lots of people coming into my community or getting in touch via email will admit they have a problem, but won’t do anything about it. And that’s fine. But when you put in a lot of hours and genuinely want to help, yet you are constantly hitting a wall, something has to change. So what’s happening?

I'm changing who I want to help

One of the first things I’m doing is filtering who I’m going to help in the near future. Seeing I’m building a business, I want to make sure people are able to afford my services. Not only that, I also want to make sure my customers are willing to put in the work and change their habits. More on this in the near future.

I will raise my prices

The second thing I’m doing is raising my prices. An average person smokes a gram a day. That’s 7g in a week, 30g in a month, 360g in a year. Putting it together, it comes out at about 3600$ per year spent on marijuana. Quitting marijuana not only saves you money, but also makes you money. You gain focus, memory, confidence, and other necessary components for making lots of money.

Okay fine, so how is this relevant to me?

I don’t know at what point in your journey you are. Seeing you are here I will assume you are either trying to cut down, take a break or quit marijuana. Perhaps you tried it already, but failed. But what if there is another way?

Here at MY LAST JOINT we help people quit marijuana. We help you learn coping skills, regulate emotions and start new, healthier habits. This brings you personal freedom, control, and presence. It gives you back the time, money and memory. In short, you get to live life on your own terms, without mind-numbing substance hijacking your decisions.

If you are ready to take control of your situation, then take this opportunity and schedule a call. On the call, I will show you how my program works. If you decide it can benefit you, I will ask you to pay 97$. This covers you up for a month and includes daily coaching Mon-Fri, text/email support over the weekend. You basically have someone who keeps you accountable, someone who’s done it before and now helps others full time.

After the 25th of November, I’m raising my prices considerably. 

So what is it gonna be? Are you continuing to rely on marijuana to protect you from reality, or are you ready to take control of your future and become your best version?

This opportunity is limited to 5 people. Only 4 spots left!