Podcast E52: Quitting weed during pandemic, Ahmed Panju

Hey everyone!

In this episode, I spoke with Ahmed Panju, a YouTuber focusing on self-improvement content. We talked about his marijuana abuse, how it all started, why the pandemic was not helping and what is he doing nowadays to help others.

This is a great episode with tons of relatable content for anyone quitting weed. I rarely do an episode where the only thing we talk about is weed & quitting, but this would probably be there at the top.

Thanking Ahmed for making this happen, make sure you show him some love and subscribe to his channel  @Ahmed Panju 


00:31 Introduction
01:51 How it all started
04:51 How was your first-time experience?
07:11 Living in Toronto, toxic relationship
09:46 At what point did weed start affecting you
12:31 Dreading to smoke weed, going home from work
15:26 2020
21:21 Smoking pot becomes a problem
27:01 Being on auto-pilot smoking pot
30:31 First time quitting pot
35:51 How long have you been sober now
37:41 Triggers
40:51 Weed is accessible everywhere in Canada
42:01 Social anxiety and weed
46:06 Top 3 tips for quitting
52:31 How to get in touch with Ahmed Panju

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