Podcast E56: Smoking marijuana and having a business (James Lake)

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I have got a great episode for you today, that was recorded back in May of 2022. I got on Zoom with James Lake, who’s been in the business for a while, but has also started a YouTube channel recently.

We discussed his experience with weed, whether weed helps him navigate the business environment and what are his plans for the summer.

Check out what James is up to on his Instagram:

Or find him on YouTube sharing his wisdom:

A huge thank you to James, I hope we get to do this again in the future.

00:31 James Lake Introduction
01:51 What’s your story with weed
10:50 Can you think of any other factors that are different when you are not smoking?
12:11 Does weed help with anxiety?
15:21 What was your approach
17:31 Is your productivity lower on the days you are smoking weed
22:01 Did you have any withdrawals when quitting
23:21 How do you deal with stress now
25:31 You should have a plan when quitting weed
28:31 Quitting weed is not a magic pill
32:21 What do you think about legalizing weed
37:51 If you are an entrepreneur on the fence about whether weed is helping you
39:51 What are you planning for the summer
48:11 General consensus about weed
51:21 What made you stop smoking
56:31 How to get in touch with James Lake 

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