Podcast E57: When cannabis dependency runs in the family

Good evening everyone, I have a new episode for you. 

I sat down with Colette, an active member of our community to share her story. We spoke about her upbringing in Canada, her abusive mother, her cPTSD diagnosis and her recent decision to quit marijuana.

This is a brilliant episode, with real-life events and raw content that you probably will not hear often.

Thanks to Colette for agreeing to do this, you are awesome!

00:31 Introduction
02:41 When was your first time using marijuana?
06:31 How does cannabis dependency look like from a child’s perspective?
11:16 What made you try weed at 16?
16:01 Was it a slow progression or a daily habit straight away?
17:36 At what point does marijuana start affecting you?
20:11 What’s the next step?
22:31 What’s is cPTSD?
26:31 Did the diagnosis help with your marijuana situation?
29:31 Trauma intergenerational curse
32:31 Sexual abuse
35:31 When did you quit marijuana?
39:31 Trying to stop, smoking as much as you can in a day
41:31 Trying to quit marijuana when someone else in the house smokes
42:50 How does it make you feel when your partner can smoke casually
45:15 How does MY LAST JOINT Community help you
46:15 What 3 things have you learned in your experience so far

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