Podcast E58: Give my child a voice – Cindy Simpson

Hello, internet, it’s Monday and I have got another episode for you.

I recorded this episode back in April when I sat down with Cindy Simpson to talk to her about her experience in an addiction environment and her workshop; Give my child a voice.

I’m so happy Cindy agreed to do a podcast with me, this truly was an eye-opening episode. One of the biggest questions I always have doing MY LAST JOINT project is why. What gets us to manifest certain behaviour, why do some people end up having problems with marijuana while others can use it normally?

This episode is highly recommended for anyone battling or working in an addiction setting. Whereas this might not necessarily apply to you, it’s definitely knowledge worth having and passing on!

Thanking again to Cindy, hopefully, I get to talk to her again in the future!

Attaching her website:

00:31 Introduction
04:45 What were you in recovery for?
09:20 How did you come up with the inner child technique?
10:31Parent, adult and a child
14:11 Doing an experiment
17:01 Repressed memories
22:01 Rebelling to critical parent, cause of addiction
23:31 Doing an inner child workshop during a pandemic
26:56 Biggest cause of relapse is untreated co-dependency
27:56 What is co-dependency
32:50 How to get in touch with Cindy
39:31 Legalization
42:41 Dessert pot spring
48:41 Normal is the setting on a washing machine
50:51 Terminally unique
53:31 Workaholic 



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