Podcast E59: Julie shares her story

Hey everyone, on today’s episode you will hear a story from Julie, who is a regular member of our community and someone I talk to regularly.

We discussed her first experience with marijuana, how an occasional smoke turned into an addiction, her relationship with her brother who smokes heavily and her endeavours last few weeks to quit.

I know this wasn’t easy for Julie to share, so I thank you again. If you want to see the video, check my YouTube channel.


00:00 Introduction
01:30 What was your first time smoking marijuana?
03:41 Was cannabis normalized back then in Georgia?
05:31 You have your first experience with marijuana at 20, what happens after?
07:00 What’s the feeling like when you know you shouldn’t do it?
10:21 At what point did you start smoking by yourself?
12:15 Wanting to be by myself
13:30 Not sharing marijuana
16:00 Weed smoking affects your relationships
21:41 When did you decide to quit
24:00 What changed?
27:51 What gets you back to smoking?
30:51 Trying to quit when your brother smokes as well
35:11 Julie’s obsession over serial killers
39:25 Julie’s career plans
43:40 What do you think about MY LAST JOINT community



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