Podcast E62: Laura Stack – Johnny’s Ambassadors

Hello everyone!

In this episode, I sat down with Laura Stack, a founder of Johnny’s Ambassadors, a non-profit organization for marijuana abuse prevention.

This was originally recorded end of April 2022, but it’s still very relevant today.

Laura is amazing at what she does and I really hope Johnny’s Ambassadors reach every corner of this world. If you have some time, visit their website and consider joining as an ambassador!

00:31 Introduction
01:46 Colorado, the first state to legalize weed
04:51 Crazy THC levels
08:01 Not the weed from the 90s
13:31 Did your son’s behaviour change?
16:01 Marijuana addiction is hard to spot
18:31 Research about psychosis in Denmark
22:16 CHS
25:31 Johnny’s Ambassadors
30:01 What is your background?
32:11 The dangerous truth about today’s marijuana
33:31 stopdabbingwalk.com
39:31 Join Johnny’s Ambassadors 



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