Podcast E64: Editing videos and smoking marijuana – Leopold Medley

Good day everyone, E64 is upon us!

A few days ago I check the r/leaves community and found an interesting post from Leopold, a full-time video editor/artist based in New York City. Leopold started smoking when he was 18, and what soon started as a fun activity became an endless, chasing-high habit.

In this video, we discussed his beginnings with marijuana, his career, his burnout and his sober journey. 

This is a great episode for anyone working long hours and using weed as a coping tool.

Thanking Leopold for making this happen, make sure you go and check out his YouTube channel!

00:31 Intro
04:48 Making music, smoking weed
08:31 What was your first time smoking
10:51 When did you start smoking by yourself
12:43 Did weed become your catalyst
16:01 Were you using weed as a medicine
21:31 Taking t-break
27:21 Deciding I want to stop
29:31 Comparing creativity being high vs sober
33:31 Pot in the music industry
35:41 Finding a therapist in NYC
37:31 How did you share weed abuse with a therapist
42:31 Leopold’s YouTube channel

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See you soon


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