Podcast E65: Reunion with my first guest (episode 1) – Thomas

Warning: this episode contains profanity.

Hi hello, I’m very excited today as I get to share an episode that spans back almost 16 months. 

My first episode was recorded in January of 2021, however, I released it around November of 2021. Today, in this episode, I did a reunion with my first guest ever – Tom!

We discussed his relapse, his current affairs, his love for music (which I wasn’t aware of) and just chatted about relatable stuff that stoners do or say.

I’m so happy Tom replied to my messages, even though it took him almost a year to come back.

Let me know what you think of this one, do you reckon I should do more reunions with former guests?

00:31 Introduction
02:01 Relapse
08:31 Being creative, sober
14:21 How did relapse happen
18:51 Playing whack-a-mole
24:21 Imaginative world stoners build
32:31 Quitting weed is not magically going to resolve things
38:39 Do you think it’s better to have more or fewer options
41:31 Calisthenics and smoking weed
45:01 What would you do differently
50:31 What’s the new LP, what’s the project about

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