Podcast E81: Reunion with Chris Loper – How to conquer your habits

Hello, good people of planet Earth!

It’s been a while since I caught up with Chris and I thought it would be a good idea to get him back seeing the work he does can benefit massively in quitting any substance.

If you go back to E50 you will be able to hear Chris’ own story of marijuana abuse, how he managed to turn his life around and how he is helping others nowadays improve their habits.

I won’t spoil too much info here, I will say though there is plenty of useful bits in this episode, which you can implement for free, today!

As always thank you to Chris Loper, you can find his blog on becomingbetter.org, but really you should get in touch with him and ask him to teach you some more tricks, which I’m sure he has plenty of!

Sharing some of his top blog posts for anyone curious to read more:
10 Essential Principles and Practices of Stoicism
How to Use the Ikigai Diagram to Find Fulfillment
The Feedback Loop That Controls Your Life … And How To Master It

Talk soon, 



P.S. Ignore the episode announcement, in the beginning, I had to delay this episode a bit due to Black Friday

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