Podcast E98: 3 years and 1 month since I’ve smoked weed

Hey everyone

I have got Lucas here with me today, sharing his story of marijuana abuse since a young age. Lucas grew up in a problematic family, his dad left him when he was 18, and later his mom threw him out. In an attempt to get his life together, Lucas tried to go to the UK but experienced a severe panic attack there.

Coming back to Spain he knew he has to take control of the situation. Watching Tony Robbins, he saw a video where Tony shows a guest on his live show how to change the association with pizza. This helped Lucas better understand his own addiction and do the work. 

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Podcast E65: Reunion with my first guest (episode 1) – Thomas

Warning: this episode contains profanity.

Hi hello, I’m very excited today as I get to share an episode that spans back almost 16 months. 

My first episode was recorded in January of 2021, however, I released it around November of 2021. Today, in this episode, I did a reunion with my first guest ever – Tom!

We discussed his relapse, his current affairs, his love for music (which I wasn’t aware of) and just chatted about relatable stuff that stoners do or say.

I’m so happy Tom replied to my messages, even though it took him almost a year to come back.

Let me know what you think of this one, do you reckon I should do more reunions with former guests?

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