Episode 104: Oliver Brown shares his story

Hey everyone,  I got Oliver – @Up_in_Smoke on the stream today to share his story.

Oliver started smoking at 10 years old with his brother. Being a part of the skating community, weed was a normal thing. By the time he made it to high school, he ramped it up into a daily habit.

Last year, after smoking for almost 16 years he realized he is no longer enjoying it, more importantly, he is throwing money. Going back and forth with it, he decided he is having his last joint and never smoking again.

We also talked a little bit about finding the why, how to share your decision with friends and what is Oliver’s plan for the future.

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Podcast E96: Lucy shares her story

Hello everyone

Today I had the pleasure of talking with Lucy, who shares her story of 9-year weed abuse. Growing up with parents who smoked, and being normalized with weed from a young age, Lucy was quick to pick up the habit.

Growing up, and coming into her 20s, she slowly realized weed is perhaps not something she wants to continue. Experiencing psychosis and experimenting with other drugs, Lucy got her wake-up call to get clean and find a strong support system around her.

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Podcast E94: Your daily dose of quitting weed experience

Hey, it’s been 9 days since the New Year so I decided to do a little check-in stream.

– first I shared my tips for quitting (the first three are actually summed up by previous podcast guests)
– then I added mistakes I see lots of my paying clients do (this will surprise you)
– I played two recordings (the first one is a little bit longer, skip forward if it gets tiring) of Marijuana Free Program 2023
– I played feedback from a coaching client who worked with me the last few weeks
– I shared our new Facebook group (Quit Weed And Succeed)

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Podcast E90: How to start 2023 marijuana free

All right, folks, it’s the last episode of this year!

I know lots of you take New Year’s resolutions very seriously, hence I decided to make a video and help you with that.

Here’s what I talked about:
– introduction
– the mindset, which you already have
– 3 essential tips from the podcast
– 3 things I see lots of people doing wrong
– 3 feedbacks from people I helped this December
– if you are quitting this Jan, then get in touch, I need your help

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