Episode 107: 5 mistakes you might be doing when quitting weed

Hey everyone

It was busy today, sorting our house, so I didn’t really make any plans for the episode, but I did end up recording a quick episode

Seeing it was a long day, I was tired, so when I got home I drank a glass of apple juice, which gave me a slight sugar rush!

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Anyhow, I talked about 5 mistakes the majority of my clients do:
– not going all in
– not involving a close circle
– not knowing your triggers
– not having a plan
– quitting by yourself

As always, this was recorded live on YT so I did read some comments as the episode progressed.

Episode 103: Time to pay the fiddler

Good morning folks

It’s a freezing day here in Slovenia, but it’s winter, so let’s not complain too much 🙂

I have got a slightly different episode for you today, a few months ago I had a dutch voice-over actor on as a guest, and he also started his own podcast – Weetox – True stories about people quitting weed.

Unfortunately, he decided he won’t pursue podcasting anymore, so I got in touch with him and he agreed for me to take on the episodes and join them in my podcast.

Today’s episode is called “It’s time to pay the fiddler” and it’s the story of a 50-something man from Hollywood, who decides to quit weed after 30 years.

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Don’t forget, we are doing a live event next week, on the 17th and 18th of Feb, tickets are limited to 10 spots, get in touch over email if you want in, or check out my website.

See you in the next one