Podcast E77: Throw the fear out of the window

Hello everyone!

Recently I passed 10.000 downloads on my podcast and had a one-year anniversary from my first episode. To commemorate this, I decided to do an episode where I reflect back on my journey and MY LAST JOINT Project.

Hopefully, this episode motivates you and gets you to analyze what aspects of your life fear are holding you back.

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Goodbye socials

Hey everyone, today I have announced on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok I won’t be updating/posting any more content.

Updating socials and trying to keep up with all the channels is taking way too much of my time, and I started this project to help people, not to post on socials.

I will probably come back to socials in the future, but for now please follow my YouTube channel where I will be releasing daily videos.

Thank you for your continuous support!



P.s. I will keep on updating this blog!