Podcast E78: Everything I know about quitting marijuana

Hey folks, releasing this one with a slight delay.

Here are the questions that I discussed in this episode:
– What brings you here?
– Where are you now?
– Where do you want to be?
– What do you need to get there?
– What is stopping you?
– How are you going to make this easier?
– Long-term plan?

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Podcast E76: Joel from Sobriety University

Hey everyone

I’m scrapping our usual intro for a few episodes to promote my Black Friday deal. Really there is no deal, but am I increasing my prices (10x) on the 25th of November, so if you are dabbling about whether to join MY LAST JOINT, now would be the time.

In this episode, I sat down with Joel, who’s got his own channel on YouTube. He also has an interesting story of marijuana abuse, which I’m sure lots of you want to hear. From dealing to meeting a dealer in a tinted Maseratti, Joel had his wake-up call a few years ago.

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Podcast E75: False evidence appearing real (FEAR)

Good morning everyone!

I woke up today feeling inspired and decided to mix things up a little bit and do an episode where I explore something we all are struggling with – fear. You might not realize it yet, but a lot of your decisions are conditioned by fear.

Seeing that premise of my podcast is quitting marijuana, I wanted to explore how this affects the quitting aspects and how to overcome that.

The 7 archetypes I mention on the podcast are:
– The procrastinator
– The rule follower
– The people pleaser
– The outcast
– The self-doubter
– The excuse maker
– The pessimist

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