Podcast E85: Inner G quits marijuana

Hey everyone, a new episode is here!

22nd of Dec I’m doing a big reunion on my YT channel of everyone that was on as a guest so far. We are kicking off at 8 pm CET all the way until 8 am the next morning. Tune in, it will be fun!

I apologize for the delay to those used to my schedule (Mon/Thu). I now record all my episodes live on YouTube and for some reason, YouTube takes up to 48h to process the video, before I can download it.

If you want to be more involved in future episodes, ask our interviewees your own questions, or just follow the episode when it’s being recorded live, then join my YouTube channel every Mon and Thu at 10 pm Central Time.

In this episode, I spoke with Inner G, a LA resident, a rapper, a YouTuber and overall just a creative soul. We spoke about his abuse of marijuana, his decision to quit, relapse, the music industry and whether marijuana affects productivity, his audio engineering producing and affirmation business and his future endeavours.

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Podcast E65: Reunion with my first guest (episode 1) – Thomas

Warning: this episode contains profanity.

Hi hello, I’m very excited today as I get to share an episode that spans back almost 16 months. 

My first episode was recorded in January of 2021, however, I released it around November of 2021. Today, in this episode, I did a reunion with my first guest ever – Tom!

We discussed his relapse, his current affairs, his love for music (which I wasn’t aware of) and just chatted about relatable stuff that stoners do or say.

I’m so happy Tom replied to my messages, even though it took him almost a year to come back.

Let me know what you think of this one, do you reckon I should do more reunions with former guests?

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