Podcast E93: A guide to quitting marijuana and hashish

Hey everyone

So I’ve been fairly busy lately and have not had time to organize and get some guests on my podcast. But seeing this podcast is all about quitting weed, I wanted to do something else this time and review a guide I have had in my PDF folder for a while.

Originally written by Thomas Lundqvist from Lund University Hospital, this guide is well on point, with lots of aspects  I rarely mention on the podcast.

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Podcast E84: Life after marijuana (chatting with Joel from Sobriety University)

Hey everyone,

I got together with Joel to talk about life after marijuana.

– We started a little bit off-topic, discussing whether the classic 12-step approach to labelling ourselves as addicts works.
– I shared my YouTube strategy that gained more subscribers in a week, than a whole last month
– We discussed 3 biggest struggles we both experienced after quitting
– We added 3 biggest benefits (this will surprise you)
– I asked Joel to close off with a topic of his liking, which ended up being dating

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Podcast E76: Joel from Sobriety University

Hey everyone

I’m scrapping our usual intro for a few episodes to promote my Black Friday deal. Really there is no deal, but am I increasing my prices (10x) on the 25th of November, so if you are dabbling about whether to join MY LAST JOINT, now would be the time.

In this episode, I sat down with Joel, who’s got his own channel on YouTube. He also has an interesting story of marijuana abuse, which I’m sure lots of you want to hear. From dealing to meeting a dealer in a tinted Maseratti, Joel had his wake-up call a few years ago.

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Podcast E71: Cannabis the cat (Jerry Frye)

Hello everyone!

It’s Monday, which means it’s time for another episode! I sat down with Jerry Frye, who wrote Cannabis the cat, an educational book for kids.

Jerry is a veteran of the United States Navy, serving on board of USS Lexington. He is also a dad, recovering alcoholic and an author.

We spoke about his past, his book, what he is trying to achieve and the response he had so far.

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